New Checkbox Form

Do you want a coffee? YesNo.

Putting it in a sentence…

The customer wants the following with their coffee: Milk, Sugar, Biscuit.

Now in a table…

Milk Yes No
Sugar Yes No
Biscuit Yes No

And finally a random fact (using includes)…

Not a fan of milk in your coffee? Did you know that a university trial found that those who drink milk with their tea or coffee are significantly less likely to suffer from throat cancer, most probably due to the hot beverage being slightly cooled by the milk. Perhaps you should consider adding a dash of milk to your coffee…

Template Source

If you want to see the source code of the live template used to create this data form, you can head over to this demos page.

Would you like a coffee? 1
Do you have milk with your coffee? 0
Do you have sugar? 1
Would you like a biscuit as well (it's chocolate!)? 0
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