Banana Theme

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Topbar: Yes, no drop-down menu.
Sidebar: Yes, right only.
Browsers: Safari only, more to come.
Colours: Red, Green, Blue
Extras: Infobox
Site Width: 900px
Content Width: 590px

Coming Soon…
Image frames, 2nd Infobox, Topbar drop-down menu.

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About the Banana Theme

The Apple range of themes is built with nearly pure CSS, using only one image in the entire site, which means faster page loading times, and ultimately less frustrated visitors to your site. It does mean your site may not look exactly the same in every browser.

We're currently working on bringing extra browser support, including Firefox and Opera, as well as Internet Explorer. We're also developing some extra content, such as image frames and another Infobox to match the theme.

The Apple theme is available in a range of colours, including Red, Green, Blue and maybe even more.

A variation of the Apple theme with pure CSS, no images, is currently in the pipeline and hopefully will be released soon.

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